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Dolores Haze

I find that really, lolitas over react too much to the book. I see a lot of people fearing about people making connection to the book when they hear the name and seem so ready to defend themselves from it. Yet, this is a book that came out a bit over 50 years ago. It isnt that well known anymore unless you are a Nabokov reader or into books themselves. Anyone who has taken the time to read this book would quickly realize that the hype is nothing to reality.

For anyone who has not read it, it is not at all like the sexual nature people think it is about. An overview is that there is an European man (Humbert) who because of how he has dealt with his first love when he was young, is into little girls. He doesn't call these girls Lolita, mind you, but nymphets. He moves to America and boards with a single mother. The child is Dolores (12), whose many nicknames include Lolita. He is into her and write a diary where he thinks too much into innocent actions while the mother lusts after him. The mother gives him an ultimatum (marry or move out) and he agrees to marry her to stay close to Lolita. But, she finds the diary where he puts his sinful thoughts, freaks out while Lolita is away, and is run over by a car while frantically trying to mail a letter in her shock. Humbert then picks up Lolita and they bounce from hotel to hotel travelling and start having a sexual relationship after she actually initiates it. He tried to put her back in school in a different area, but once she begs him to let her work on a play at school, he gets suspicious and they soon start traveling again. This time Humbert thinks he is being followed, and becomes paranoid. Lolita ends up getting ill and has to spend a night in a hospital, in which her 'uncle' discharges her, leaving Humbert alone. Some chase happens but he gives up as it just becomes a way to taunt him. Years later he receives a letter to a now pregnant 17 year old Lolita, wanting money. He meets her and gives her the money she wants, asking for her to come away with him. She refuses, and reluctantly tells him who was the guy who took her away. Humbert then goes off and kills the man, landing him in jail.

As you can hopefully see, there is not much connection to the fashion at all. Lolita herself wore what was trendy in the 40s and 50s, and would have detested the European influence this fashion has. There is little sexual writing here, a bit of what Humbert wants in the beginning, but besides the first night, and the hints of him getting favours for when she wanted things, nothing descriptive happens. There is a bit of french here and there, sometimes purposely bad french as well.

Overall, it is a great book if you are into the classics, and anyone who really wants to know what they are 'up against' if they do find someone who makes ht connection from Lolita the book and Lolita the fashion should take the time to read it.
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